Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nendoroid Playtime

i was lazying on my bed and i saw a box on the cupboard..
it's a birthday presents from my frens thou.. and sumthing came into my mind!
i took out my nendoroids n starts to play!

Shana's cooking! anyone dare to taste? XD

Ink-chan's pissed cuz she needs to wash the plates..

and.. where's Len?

he's enjoying while the girls' doing the hardwork! XD

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tang Yuan

i feel like eating tang yuan yesterday..
and my mum's not at home during that time.. so.. i go do it myself!
tang yuan is kinda like.. mochi? it's soft.. ^___^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nendoroid Sasara

another request from a fren~
she's Sasara from.. To Heart 2..

i wanted her to wear the maid costume.. but..
my fren prefer this black 1 or the school uniform version..

maybe i shud do both and make 1 of them an exclusive.. XD

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nendoroid Shana n Len

Finally i've got both of them!
and i managed to take a few pics while playing around wif them.. =X
1st is shana~

"Uruchai uruchai uruchai!!!" tat's wat shana said wen i told her she looks cute in white pantsu.. XD

here's Len..

Len's shy wen i dress him up in shana's costume.. =X

he looks weird and nice in pastel ink's costume thou!

Both of them is so adorable! but if u ask which 1 i prefer..
i'll pick Len.. =X

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nendoroid Amu

Request from a fren..
He asked me to nendorize the character from Shugo Chara..
i didn't know which character to nendorize.. and i didn't watch the anime.. so.. i'll juz go for the main one!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nendoroid Reimu

i kinda notice tat Reimu appeared everywhere i go.. i tink she's cute.. especially her bright red and white costumes! i noe Reimu.. but.. where she's from?

so.. i wen over to wiki.. found.. but... didn't get wat they mean.. XD

i saw her in a game.. so i guess she's from a game? oh well..
there's lots of Reimu thou.. long n short hairs.. sumtimes her costumes' different as well..

and it's time to nendorize! i like Reimu's hair short.. ^___^
and also.. giving her a tsundere face.. sweeet~~~ XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Cute Virtual Pet

I've juz register facebook and i'm playing this mini flash game call Pet Society..
similar to tamagotchi.. but.. u wan visit your facebook frens' pet as well.. and play around with them..

This is my pet Kyuu.. i dunno wat he is.. bunny look-alike creature.. O__O
he's wearing his Xmas outfit.. i also bought the female sailor fuku for him.. :rf:
tat's for cosplay.. but.. he looks dam funny in it.. ^0^

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nendoroid Yuno

I felt in love with her hair the moment i 1st saw her!
her hair's juz gorgeous! especially the glowing blossoms on her hair!

Yuno is a character from the H game called.. Unity Marriage..
i tink she'll look great in the nendoroid form.. so.. i gv her a try..

I'm sooo into nendorizing those girls from H games right now.. ^___^

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lousy Public Transportation

1 hour after class.. so many people waiting.. >__<

The class ends! Hurray~
so me n my fren wen over to the bus stop and waited..
few minutes passes.. no bus yet.. fine.. we continue waiting...
30 min passes.. not even 1 single bus! and i mean NON! not even those bus im not taking.. =__=
the people there started growing.. more and more! and there aren't any bus!

so.. i called my dad and asked him to pick me up..
i waited.. now it's 1 hour of waiting.. there's a few bus passing by.. but.. not even 10?
my dad arrived abit late.. cuz my home's kinda far away.. >_<

now it's 1 and a half hour of waiting.. my dad arrived.. and those dum buses came as well..
and tis time.. 4 buses (the same bus im taking) at once.. dam thou! wonder wat they're doing back there.. so many people wanted to go home.. but those drivers' slacking!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nendoroid Chu Chu Astram

Chu Chu Astram is a character from a H game.. i tink tat she'll look great juz like melissa seraphy in the nendoroid form.. so i decided to nendorize her!

the result turn out great! i tink lots of you would love her.. ^___^

i've save the low-res file over my original file again! Arggghhh!!! Dam me.. >__<
her bat skirt's added later on the low-res image.. i cant do much since the ori file is gone!
so.. i spread the bat's wings so u guys could see wat's hiding inside..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nendoroid Haruka

The final Minami-ke sister and also the eldest! She's Haruka.. Chiaki's beloved big sister..
Haruka is oways so sweet.. It's nice to have a big sister like her!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kotaro and Kochiro

Kotaro and Kochiro is my new design character! Kotaro is the one wearing pink and Kochiro's wearing blue.. both of them are boys! LoLz

I wanted to write a story for both of them thou.. hmm..
Kotaro is very in love with Kochiro.. He's been secretly admiring Kochiro for quite a long time!
untill one day.. he decided to let Kochiro know about his feelings! Kotaro's is almost a vy shy quiet boy.. he seldom talks especially to those he didn't knew them well.. and also wen Kochiro's around him! his heart would pump so hard! his head went blank.. ^___^

As for Kochiro.. He loves to stay around Kotaro.. Kochiro tinks that Kotaro's a cutie pie!
He loves hugging Kotaro.. and he's oways protecting Kotaro.. Kochiro didn't know that Kotaro's in love with him.. Kochiro hopes tat Kotaro's a girl.. and they could be together!
Kochiro sometimes.. holds on Kotaro's hands.. and said to him.. "I Love You".. and that made Kotaro blushes alot! XD

Almost forgot! for the larger image.. Click Here

Friday, November 21, 2008

The outside world isn't save!

I took the public bus back home after my class.. as usual..
the bus came.. it's kinda full but.. well there's still space.. to fit in.. so.. i wen up..
((during the day before.. i didn't take the crowded bus.. and i end up standing there for an hour!))

in the bus.. i was standing near the door.. till the next station.. where lots of people stuck themself into the bus! OOMG!! sigh.. tat's public transport.. ^___^;

so.. the bus continue it's journey.. during tat time.. i feel sum1's hand touching me.. and ya! touching my butt! so! i was aware.. and im thinking this guy's gonna steal my wallet.. so.. i put my hands behind and hold on my wallet..

i hv a weird feeling after tis! tis guy! caress my hand! and he starts doing those weird stuffs!
he use his "rod" in his pants.. to touch my butt! i move forward.. and he follows! dam irritating..

he continue molesting me.. and im so pissed off! i swing his hands away but they came back..
i didn't manage to move alot cuz it's really crowded!

so.. i wen down from the bus.. and called my dad.. i dunno if tat's his destination but he follow me down as well.. i saw a fren at the bus stand and i wen over to her! tat pervert wen away after tat.. my dad came quickly to pick me up..

this world is sooo not save even if u're a boy or a girl! i shud prevent myself from getting out of the house unless needed!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Loli Mirai

This is Mirai! she's Dannychoo.com's mascot..
i've always wanted to do a fan-art of her.. but..
didn't have ideas yet.. ^ ^

and now.. i've lolify her! and the results.. i like it! > <
if you wan a larger image of her.. Click Here!

Hope u all like her.. ^_____^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nendoroid Kana

Done another Minami sister! this time.. it's baka no Kana!
she's the 2nd sister.. she oways does all the stupid and brainless stuffs..
she's a funny character.. the anime wud be bored without her.. ^ ^

Tis is the fastest 1 i've made! maybe cuz.. did u notice? she's almost all white..
save up lots of time on coloring.. XD

Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Dollfie

Bump into images of Dollfie while surfing around.. they're gorgeous looking dolls!
im loving the male ones most.. =3=

This is Duncan.. He's an elf.. me like tis one!
Dollfie are expensive dolls.. cost about.. MYR1xxx? and for those super-looking good ones like Duncan.. ehem! u dun wanna noe.. ^ ^;

im loving these Dollfie! but.. i dun think i'll get one.. even if i can afford..
they're juz too good im afraid to let them out of the boxes! but.. whats the point of having a doll
and not display it?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nendoroid Eureka

This is Eureka from Eureka Seven! i didn't know who is she thou..
she's a request from my fren.. hehe.. i didn't use up alot of time when nendorizing this one!
my photoshoping speed is improving.. =3=

while searching for picture of her on google.. she reminds me of.. Ulala! from Space Channel 5!
and when it comes to Space Channel 5.... *Up shoot shoot, Left shoot, Right shoot~~!!!*
Love Ulala!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nendoroid Chiaki

This is actually Danny's request.. he wanted to see the Minami-ke sisters being nendorize..
in this series.. i like Chiaki most! luv her hair.. =3=

I was looking and thinking for ideas.. for my assignments of course! nendorizing Chiaki-sama while thinking.. hmm.. hmmm... hmmmm...

Oh! i also added a kuma-chan for Chiaki! Hope GSC wud make her a teddy bear..
juz like nendoroid Sumomo.. with the mini yuki-chan.. so cute~~ > <

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nendoroid Sakura

remember the nendoroid Syaoran i did using the illustrator last time?
here comes Sakura! She's from Tsubasa Chronicles..
i love Sakura ever since she's a cardcaptor.. =3=

Oh! i might not me posting the nendoroid art so soon now..
cuz.. juz notice my mountain high assignments! *sobs*

Do drop me some ideas of what character you guys wud wan me to nendorize..
i'll be back as soon as i hv time!

Monday, November 3, 2008


My artwork is on Good Smile Company's website! in the Danny's corner.. ^ ^

Oh.. btw.. Lemme explain a little.. Good Smile Company's the creator of the greatest n sweetest nendoroids! > <

Thanks to Danny Choo for including my art in the website.. THX !!!

this is Good Smile's website
my artwork appear here in danny's corner

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nendoroid Noumi

I saw her figure somewhere and i tink she's cute.. so.. i decided to nendorize her!
she's Noumi Kudryavka from the H game called.. Little Busters!
i didn't noe bout her characteristic.. so.. i didn't do her alternative faces.. =3=
well.. hope you like her.. ^ ^

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nendoroid Zidane

I saw the trailer of Final Fantasy Dissidia on youtube.. and i was like..
OMG? It's Zidane!!! > <
Zidane's my favourite Final Fantasy main character.. He's such a cutie!

After tat.. i decided to nendorize him! hehe..
this is the 1st game nendoroid i've created..
Oh! not forgetting! this time.. he comes wif the alternative faces!

Hehe.. so how izzit? comments please people!
hm.. i needed abit of help too.. im running out of ideas who im gonna nendorize next..
do gv me suggestions on the characters u wan me to nendorize..
and also the faces! if u wan me to do the alternative faces too.. ^___^

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Custom made nendoroids?

Someone show me this picture of the custom made nendoroid Ai wen i post my nendo art at dannychoo.com..

i was wondering.. how did they do it? @@
it's so real thou.. they even made the box for her? tat so amazing!

After awhile.. i came across pictures of 2 never seen before nendoroids..

Nanoha and Fate..
i was wondering if they're custom made too? they're looking good!
this custom made stuffs is making me imagining.. if the nendoroids i've create.. being manufactured one day! Haha! im day-dreaming..
^ ^;

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nendoroid Chise

it's Chise from Saikano !
She's sooo cute... > <
Chise's story is so touching.. i felt bad for her.. i cry watching the anime.. *sobs*

Ahah! tis time i'm more careful.. i didn't overwrite the low-res version over my original file.. ^ ^;
i'm love doing nendo art.. it's so much fun.. ^ ^

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brochure Design

Here's my indesign assignment.. i just finished it last week.. and have my teacher approve it yesterday..

actually.. i don't like doing tings that are.. non-anime related.. well~ i didn't hate them..
but juz.. not very interested.. ^ ^;

but.. wen i did this brochure.. hey~ tis isn't so bad.. =X
i did the whole ting in a day.. tat includes searching for ideas, info and also pictures..
tis indesign isn't as bad as i tot.. i'm starting to love tis more den photoshop now...
maybe it's the teacher problem.. LoL..

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nendoroid from Hell

Look who's here? Ippen Shinde Miru? she's coming to sen you to hell !
or maybe.. helping you sending someone else to hell.. ^ ^;

She's actually a fanart.. i've finish coloring her yesterday..
and after i've shrink the picture.. i accidentally save it over my original file.. *sobs*
must be more careful wen saving up stuffs next time.. >___<

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I got tag by mimi chang.. now nid to tag people also.. bad.. =3=

Question: What is your name? (Please give one answer)

Patrick Tan

Question: What is your nickname? (Please give two answers)
Yeen aka.

Question: animal you like....( please give 3 answers)
I love all cute cute ones.. bunnies, puppies, hamsters, furrets, baby dinosaurs.. etc etc..

Question: The things gained from Blogging? (Please give four answers)
Gain.. can express myself here.. but.. didn't get lot's of respond..

Question: Your favorite food? (Please give five answers)
Fruits! n meats of course.. not forgetting the veggies xcept for onions.. *yucks*

Question: Favorite songs? (Please give six answers)
Hmm.. i have alot.. can oni gv 6?

Question: Places that you wish to go? (Please give seven answers)
Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, etc etc..

Question: All-time favorite movies, dramas, or animes? (Please give eight answers)
Tsubasa Chronicles, Jigoku Shoujo, Rozen Maiden, Chobits, Zero no Tsukaima, Moetan, Shakugan no Shana, Keroro Gunsou, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailormoon (:rf:), etc etc...

Question: Hero(s) in your heart?/People you admire? (Please give three answers)
My Parents.. and also those heroes n heroins in my favorite animes and games.. :rf:

Question: You want to pass this tag to? (Please give the names of 8 friends)
I don't really know lots of bloggers.. but..
Wai teng! Set wern ! Yui ! Vivian ! Woops.. no more ady.. can save up the 4 more for future?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Moody October

It's been raining alot this month.. and i mean lots!
actually.. i used to love the rains.. it's like cleaning the air.. and cooling the enviroment..
but lately.. i hate them ! they always rain when it's time for me to go home after class..
it's already tiring tat i have to take a bus home after 5:30pm.. with lots of people going home to at tat time.. now.. comes the rain.... makes me dun feel like going out and stay in bed covering myself up with my blanket..

Besides the rain.. it's the stupid streamyx i've been complaining in my previous post..
it's not gonna stop DCing huh? how annoying it is to DC everytime wen im downloading something..
and it pissed me the most wen i'm downloading some big files.. files tat is more den 100MB..
tis streamyx.. have to DC at least once everyday.. the worst one is.. when im photoshoping..
i can see my live messenger re-signing in for about.. 10 times? or more.. this means tat..
streamyx's DCing for more den 10 times?! ARGGHH !!!

Next.. is my assignments.. hm.. lemme count..

Illustrator - 1
Photoshop - 3
Indesign - 1
Premiere - 1
After Effects - 1

7 ???!!!! im dead.. X___X
the illustrator 1 i didn't do it.. it's because im lazy.. it's a packaging design assignment actually..
as for the indesign.. i'm still working on it.. creating a catalog isn't as easy as i tot.. @@
Photoshop ! i didn't do tis 1 it's not because im lazy ! it's because i have no idea wat i should do !
or shud i say.. i have no idea my wat teacher wans ? i dun wan my work to be rejected and i have to re-do them all over again !!!!
Lastly is my premiere and after effects assignment.. i'm so inspired and i know wat i must do !
but.. i couldn't find the videos in the right format.. i've tried many times using converters.. but.. they end up giving me only half of the video i've converted? i got mad searching for the videos and end up giving up.. oh well.. few more days and 2 more assignment's coming up..
i'm gonna tried hard to finish up those previous ones.. before they turned into mountains.. *sobs*

Tat's all for the moody October.. i wish November would arrive soon and everything's gonna be better !!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exclusive Nendoroids

This is nendoroid konata and kagami.. they're characters from the anime Lucky☆Star..
Both nendo are actually exclusive items! They're so adorable i wanna have them.. too bad they're exclusive.. but it's fine.. since i'm not really into this 2 characters.. ^ ^

After awhile.. they decided to released another exclusive nendoroid based on this anime..
and this time.. It's TSUKASA and miyuki.. OMG !

tsukasa's my favorite character in tis anime.. she's so sweet~ >ω<
too bad she's also an exclusive.. T____T

lemme explain how exclusive she is..
1stly.. you have to buy the comptiq magazine.. tat cost about.. 880円..
after tat.. you'll get an exclusive coupon which comes with the magazine..
with the coupon.. you'll have to mail it as an order form.. to purchased the exclusive nendoroid..
each nendoroid cost about.. 3500 yen..

tat's alot of work.. =3=
and not forgetting.. the mailing thingy is only available in japan.. tat means.. if u bought the magazine and mail the coupon outside japan.. you wouldn't get anything..

photo taken from mika-tan's blog

there's only 1 way to get her now.. purchase her from people who's living in japan!
but... the price's gonna be doubled.... well~ i'll juz have to gv her up.. sry tsukasa..
i'll be sure to get you if you're not an exclusive next time.. > <

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dam U Streamyx !!!

Those who are living in malaysia would't definately have complains about streamyx..
Streamyx is juz so irritating.. expecially when u're downloading stuffs or in an online game..

i used to have problem wen i was playing those online games.. DC!!! ArgHHHH!!!!
not only tat.. lots of the times.. i'm lagging in game !

I was downloading an episode of anime just now.. and the file is about.. 130mb..
so.. i started downloading.. left it there for awhile and wen down for my breakfast..
wen i return! downloading fail.. dam streamyx.. ad the file is oredi 108mb.. means it's almost done!
fine.. so i sms my fren and complaint.. after that.. re-download..
the 1st time i downloaded the file.. it was at 5x~6x KB/sec.. and now it shows.. 1x~20 KB/sec..
OMG? i hate you!!!! so.. i cancel my download and came over here..

This happens alot.. i'm so pissed!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

☆ Loli-Pop Magazine ☆

This is a magazine i've created for all the otakus out there!
1 of my fren told me tat it's so moe!
LoL~ it's not a real magazine actually.. oni a cover! XD
this is also 1 of my assignment.. nice?

Here's the back cover for the magazine.. as u all noe.. i love nendoroids!
so.. i decided to advertise them FOC in my magazine.. =X
the pictures might not be clear.. cuz i didn't use the hi-res version..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cooking !!!

Anyone ever tried cooking something by yourself?

Hmmm.. for me.. i normally do tat.. i prepare my family's dinner sometimes !

Lots of my friends don't believe i can cook.. they oways said that i have smooth white pairs of hands! and i'm like a prince! no! im not! i have proves!

Self made! fusilli with chicken meat balls..

here's another one! this is Yong Tofu.. not cooked yet.. but.. i did tat myself.. cutting those veggies and stuffs.. and den.. use them to wrap up the mixed mince pork and fish meat (i did the mixing and mincing too!)..

so.. how izzit? i did cook other stuffs.. but.. i didn't keep a picture of them...
oh well~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My new Mascot !

Hmm.. remember the old mascot?
i'm gonna abandon it.. T_____T

and here's a new one! i decided 2 create a female instead..
maybe cuz.. girls have long hair! and its good to use her for cosplay later on... ^ ^

this is Shiori.. i dunno why she's named shiori.. but.. i really love this name..
She's pink as well (my favorite)...

i mimic POP's style for tis mascot.. cuz.. i love POP's drawings so much!

This time.. i've use the original pencil lines..
i wanna try sumthing new! and it turn out great!

and also the color combinations.. Thanks alot to POP.. you're so great... o (> <) o

Monday, September 22, 2008

Accepted Artwork !

Remember tat car plane i've post earlier?
Well.. i've redo a new one..

and the teacher's very satisfied with it!
once he look at it.. he smile.. and said "this is nice"..
he said i needed a little more adjustment and everything will be alright..

i'm so happy tat i didn't have to redo it for the 3rd time! Gratz me!

He ask me to shrink the picture a little.. and put them into a plasma TV..
I've done it.. and.. TADA!

How izzit? u guys like it? ^ ^

Im sick~

Yesterday.. after class.. i reach home around 7pm..
when i enter the house.. i feel dizzy.. the house is like spinning.. @@
so.. i wen and sit down..
after tat.. my mum bring out the food.. hmmm.. i smell it..
OMG! i'm gonna vomit.. >___<
den i wen upstairs and took a bath.. after tat.. lean on the bed for awhile...
feeling much better.. but still kinda dizzy...
i wen downstairs and have my dinner.. didn't eat much..
and wen to the clinic later..
back home.. took my medicine.. and up to my room.. its still 8:30pm..
couldn't sleep yet.. pick up a book.. and look around..
felt asleep after that..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

~ Vocaloid Kagamine Len ~

Weee~ It's Len!
with his shocking yellow and black outfit.. He's such a cutie! > w <

Len have a twin sister.. both of them are sooo adorable! but i prefer len.. =X

Len's also having an affair with kaito (another vocaloid).. Both of them look good together.. :rf:rf:

and not forgetting the super sweeet nendoroid Len! I'm gonna get him! if.. there's still stock left......