Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nendoroid Zidane

I saw the trailer of Final Fantasy Dissidia on youtube.. and i was like..
OMG? It's Zidane!!! > <
Zidane's my favourite Final Fantasy main character.. He's such a cutie!

After tat.. i decided to nendorize him! hehe..
this is the 1st game nendoroid i've created..
Oh! not forgetting! this time.. he comes wif the alternative faces!

Hehe.. so how izzit? comments please people!
hm.. i needed abit of help too.. im running out of ideas who im gonna nendorize next..
do gv me suggestions on the characters u wan me to nendorize..
and also the faces! if u wan me to do the alternative faces too.. ^___^


blood on the mirror said...

Hehe I suggest Garnet so Zidane won't be lonely.

Or Vivi.

Love the art you got there!

CottonCandy said...

Thx! i'll work on them!
my fren also suggest vivi..
vivi's 1 of my beloved!

vivienzeru said...

wahhhh so kawaii!!

CottonCandy said...

thx! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

The alternative faces are great! Am so happy to finally see a nendorized Final Fantasy character. XD Keep up the excellent work! ^^