Monday, December 22, 2008

Nendoroid Shana n Len

Finally i've got both of them!
and i managed to take a few pics while playing around wif them.. =X
1st is shana~

"Uruchai uruchai uruchai!!!" tat's wat shana said wen i told her she looks cute in white pantsu.. XD

here's Len..

Len's shy wen i dress him up in shana's costume.. =X

he looks weird and nice in pastel ink's costume thou!

Both of them is so adorable! but if u ask which 1 i prefer..
i'll pick Len.. =X


Orange said...

Len in Pastel Ink clothing... is scary. xD

CottonCandy said...

LoLz~ Len's so cute.. >___<