Monday, October 20, 2008

Moody October

It's been raining alot this month.. and i mean lots!
actually.. i used to love the rains.. it's like cleaning the air.. and cooling the enviroment..
but lately.. i hate them ! they always rain when it's time for me to go home after class..
it's already tiring tat i have to take a bus home after 5:30pm.. with lots of people going home to at tat time.. now.. comes the rain.... makes me dun feel like going out and stay in bed covering myself up with my blanket..

Besides the rain.. it's the stupid streamyx i've been complaining in my previous post..
it's not gonna stop DCing huh? how annoying it is to DC everytime wen im downloading something..
and it pissed me the most wen i'm downloading some big files.. files tat is more den 100MB..
tis streamyx.. have to DC at least once everyday.. the worst one is.. when im photoshoping..
i can see my live messenger re-signing in for about.. 10 times? or more.. this means tat..
streamyx's DCing for more den 10 times?! ARGGHH !!!

Next.. is my assignments.. hm.. lemme count..

Illustrator - 1
Photoshop - 3
Indesign - 1
Premiere - 1
After Effects - 1

7 ???!!!! im dead.. X___X
the illustrator 1 i didn't do it.. it's because im lazy.. it's a packaging design assignment actually..
as for the indesign.. i'm still working on it.. creating a catalog isn't as easy as i tot.. @@
Photoshop ! i didn't do tis 1 it's not because im lazy ! it's because i have no idea wat i should do !
or shud i say.. i have no idea my wat teacher wans ? i dun wan my work to be rejected and i have to re-do them all over again !!!!
Lastly is my premiere and after effects assignment.. i'm so inspired and i know wat i must do !
but.. i couldn't find the videos in the right format.. i've tried many times using converters.. but.. they end up giving me only half of the video i've converted? i got mad searching for the videos and end up giving up.. oh well.. few more days and 2 more assignment's coming up..
i'm gonna tried hard to finish up those previous ones.. before they turned into mountains.. *sobs*

Tat's all for the moody October.. i wish November would arrive soon and everything's gonna be better !!!

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