Monday, June 16, 2008

Sailormoon Fans

I was cleaning my room and i found these in my drawer..

And then i think back.. I was a Sailormoon fans when i was a kid.. Hehe..
The cards! i bring them to school often to trade them with my friends.. I wonder if they still remember.. Oh! and i still have them nicely kept in my drawer.. ^____^

I look around my room again.. And notice.. I did have alot of Sailormoon stuffs.. O____O

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My 1st Photoshop Artwork!

Im gonna go for this graphic designing course soon.. so.. i was bored and i try it out myself..
and this is what i get..

It's an eyeball.. LoLz.. O__O
Thou it's simple.. but.. It's my 1st time.. T____T
and i like how it turn out... o >__< o

The Last Unicorn

I watched this movie when i was very very young.. I don't even remember the story.. Just the title of the movie.. I like it alot.. Cause i love magical creatures.. > <

This movie came to my mind.. when i was lying on my bed at night.. so.. the next day.. I went to youtube and search for it..

This movie is about a unicorn/the last unicorn.. Leaving her forest to search for her own kinds..

On her journey.. he bump into a magician who helped her to escape from a evil witch.. O__O the witch told her something about the red bull which drive all the other unicorns to the end of the world.. Oh! not forgetting that the red bull belongs to King Haggard.. when she reaches the castle.. the red bull came to her.. and to save her.. the magician turn her into a beautiful lady.. then.. they wen into the castle..

King Haggard has a son.. Prince Lir.. the prince fell in love with Lady Amalthea (the unicorn's name in human form).. then... if you all wanna know more.. go watch it.. I lazy to tell u all.. XD Here's the link the Part.1 of the movie.. there's 9 parts.. Hope you'll like this classic movie too.. It brings back the old memories.. ^___^-

Monday, June 2, 2008

The 3 Wishes

If a fairy came and wanted to grant you 3 wishes.. What would you ask for?
If i have 3 wishes..

1stly.. I'll wish that the world would be peaceful.. So everyone can live happily..
And "peaceful" means that.. There wouldn't war.. and people suffering.. no natural disasters.. no crimes.. even if you leave a thousand dollar on the floor.. Nobody's gonna steal it.. ^ ^

LoL.. There's alot of things that i love doing isn't suitable for a guy.. And there many manly stuffs den i dun like doing.. =3=
AND! i always wonder what it feels like being pregnant.. having a life in your tummy.. > <

3rd.. Hm.. I'll save tis last wish.. if anything goes wrong.. i could still use this last wish.. =D

So.. Did you guys have your 3 wishes.. if you do.. and you dun mind sharing.. leave your 3 wishes in this post's comment....