Monday, September 22, 2008

Im sick~

Yesterday.. after class.. i reach home around 7pm..
when i enter the house.. i feel dizzy.. the house is like spinning.. @@
so.. i wen and sit down..
after tat.. my mum bring out the food.. hmmm.. i smell it..
OMG! i'm gonna vomit.. >___<
den i wen upstairs and took a bath.. after tat.. lean on the bed for awhile...
feeling much better.. but still kinda dizzy...
i wen downstairs and have my dinner.. didn't eat much..
and wen to the clinic later..
back home.. took my medicine.. and up to my room.. its still 8:30pm..
couldn't sleep yet.. pick up a book.. and look around..
felt asleep after that..

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