Monday, November 10, 2008

Super Dollfie

Bump into images of Dollfie while surfing around.. they're gorgeous looking dolls!
im loving the male ones most.. =3=

This is Duncan.. He's an elf.. me like tis one!
Dollfie are expensive dolls.. cost about.. MYR1xxx? and for those super-looking good ones like Duncan.. ehem! u dun wanna noe.. ^ ^;

im loving these Dollfie! but.. i dun think i'll get one.. even if i can afford..
they're juz too good im afraid to let them out of the boxes! but.. whats the point of having a doll
and not display it?


Devoto said...

Which of the two top dolls is the male one? They both look like Boku (Souseiseki) from Rozen Maiden to me, and she's a boyish-looking girl.

CottonCandy said...

Hehe.. both of them are males.. ^__^
i saw suigintou's dollfie.. she's sweet! but i prefer males! XD

blood on the mirror said...

You can do more than just display.

You can cosplay them, give them clothes and stuff.

Owners usually have photostories or treat them as their kid.

I have not seen people use them for display..unless you mean like a model or something

CottonCandy said...

but they'll get old n dirty vy quickly.. LoLz.. > <