Monday, December 15, 2008

Nendoroid Amu

Request from a fren..
He asked me to nendorize the character from Shugo Chara..
i didn't know which character to nendorize.. and i didn't watch the anime.. so.. i'll juz go for the main one!


Shironotenshi said...

Squee! Its Amu-chan! I'm totally addicted to Shugo Chara right now.

CottonCandy said...

izzit nice?
i didn't watch the anime yet..
maybe i shud.. ^____^

Orange said...

I haven't seen the series yet, but the Nendoroid is great as usual. :D

Oh and you don't seem to allow anonymous comment posting... so I had to use my old blog url. =/

CottonCandy said...

heyah orange!
oh im sorry.. i didn't notice tat..
nowonder i seldom get comments..
i've fix it! i guess.. LoLz

Anonymous said...

I don't know who she is but she looks like a cutie! ^___^

Anonymous said...

plz do make this i love Shugo Chara now and i would buy 1 4um u!