Friday, December 5, 2008

Lousy Public Transportation

1 hour after class.. so many people waiting.. >__<

The class ends! Hurray~
so me n my fren wen over to the bus stop and waited..
few minutes passes.. no bus yet.. fine.. we continue waiting...
30 min passes.. not even 1 single bus! and i mean NON! not even those bus im not taking.. =__=
the people there started growing.. more and more! and there aren't any bus!

so.. i called my dad and asked him to pick me up..
i waited.. now it's 1 hour of waiting.. there's a few bus passing by.. but.. not even 10?
my dad arrived abit late.. cuz my home's kinda far away.. >_<

now it's 1 and a half hour of waiting.. my dad arrived.. and those dum buses came as well..
and tis time.. 4 buses (the same bus im taking) at once.. dam thou! wonder wat they're doing back there.. so many people wanted to go home.. but those drivers' slacking!

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