Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dam U Streamyx !!!

Those who are living in malaysia would't definately have complains about streamyx..
Streamyx is juz so irritating.. expecially when u're downloading stuffs or in an online game..

i used to have problem wen i was playing those online games.. DC!!! ArgHHHH!!!!
not only tat.. lots of the times.. i'm lagging in game !

I was downloading an episode of anime just now.. and the file is about.. 130mb..
so.. i started downloading.. left it there for awhile and wen down for my breakfast..
wen i return! downloading fail.. dam streamyx.. ad the file is oredi 108mb.. means it's almost done!
fine.. so i sms my fren and complaint.. after that.. re-download..
the 1st time i downloaded the file.. it was at 5x~6x KB/sec.. and now it shows.. 1x~20 KB/sec..
OMG? i hate you!!!! so.. i cancel my download and came over here..

This happens alot.. i'm so pissed!!!

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