Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nendoroid Playtime

i was lazying on my bed and i saw a box on the cupboard..
it's a birthday presents from my frens thou.. and sumthing came into my mind!
i took out my nendoroids n starts to play!

Shana's cooking! anyone dare to taste? XD

Ink-chan's pissed cuz she needs to wash the plates..

and.. where's Len?

he's enjoying while the girls' doing the hardwork! XD


misao said...

was she really cooking there with that knife positioning lol
i woulnd't dare to enter the kitchen haha...

CottonCandy said...

she's "killing" the fish! XD

Ayuu said...

Where do you get those mini furniture and such?

CottonCandy said...

my fren got them from xl..
i dun tink they still hv them..
i wan those too.. > <

Anonymous said...

How/where can i get this stuff?

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