Monday, April 28, 2008

Alex in Wonderland < COMING SOON >

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting.. >___< Actually im working on something.. Hmm.. Just like the title said.. Here's a little review on what im doing.. Well~ it's not much but.. You guys have to be patient..

It's similar to the story Alice in Wonderland.. But.. I've added some twist in it..
Please give me a little more time.. LoLz.. =3=

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Hobby

It's a gloomy morning~ >____< Today.. I'm gonna tell you a little about my hobby.. ^____^ Well~ This is something that i did yesterday..
Hehe.. So how izzit? Nice huh? XD

I'm not very very good at drawing the HANDS! I always have problems when it comes to the hands.. So.. Normally.. I'll cover the hands up! Weeeee~~!!!! That's a little secret (well.. not anymore)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

☆ Fairy Tales ☆

Do you know what's a fairy? Fairy is a magical creature.. A tiny human shape body.. With wings.. If you still wondering how a fairy look like.. Here's an example.. ^ ^

As we know.. Fairies only appear in fairy tales stories.. Well~ i'm sure everyone would know about the famous Tinkerbell from Peterpan.. Tinkerbell is famous for her fairy dusts which allows you 2 fly around once u sprinkled the dusts on.. Another famous fairy is the Blue Fairy.. She's the fairy who gave life to Pinocchio(a wooden puppet) and then turn him into a real boy in the end of the story..

So... Do you believe in fairies? Do you think they really exist? Or do you think they're creatures who's created by human imagination? Well~ i dunno either.. But take a look at this picture...

This fairy corpse is discovered by a man who's walking his dog.. The fairy corpse is buried inside a dark hole.. According to the man.. There's still 20 bodies underground.. The corpse is being x-rayed.. And it shows that the fairy's skeleton is similar to a child's.. However.. The bones are hollow like the bird's bone.. To keep them light enough to fly around.. I dunno whether it's true or not.. But.. It's up to you.. To believe it.. Or not.. ^_______^

Monday, April 21, 2008

Maple Story

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Maple story is an online game i'm playing for the longest time(still into it now).. Its a 2D MMORPG game.. For more info.. visit XD

Im playing my bandit now.. And its a female character.. Well~ i know lots of people would start calling me gay, shemale.. and stuffs.. But.. I really get lots of advantages using a female character.. ^ ^

Later on.. I'll post more about my in-game life.. Tis post would be a new begining...

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I found this weird looking thing when i was preparing dinner.. Its actually a green pepper.. but..
here's some pictures i took.. take a look at them.. >___<

See what i mean now? ^__________^

Sunday, April 20, 2008

SHE, The ultimate weapon

This is a very very touching anime.. i 1st saw this anime in a magazine and i think the drawings' nice.. ^ ^ After tat, 1 of my friend told me a little synopsis on the anime.. And i got interested in it..
It's a story about a very shy and clumsy high school girl named Chise and her classmate Shuuji falling in love with each other.. Later on, this 2 lovely couples found out tat Chise is an ultimate weapon use for wars.. Slowly.. Chise starts turning into a cyborg.. And den the story goes on~~~

I found tis AMV (Anime Music Video) on Youtube.. Its so heart-breaking.. T_______T
Everyone should take a look at it.. Im gonna get this anime! Weeee~!!!

Oh.. BTW.. This is my very 1st post.. Hope u guys enjoy..