Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kotaro and Kochiro

Kotaro and Kochiro is my new design character! Kotaro is the one wearing pink and Kochiro's wearing blue.. both of them are boys! LoLz

I wanted to write a story for both of them thou.. hmm..
Kotaro is very in love with Kochiro.. He's been secretly admiring Kochiro for quite a long time!
untill one day.. he decided to let Kochiro know about his feelings! Kotaro's is almost a vy shy quiet boy.. he seldom talks especially to those he didn't knew them well.. and also wen Kochiro's around him! his heart would pump so hard! his head went blank.. ^___^

As for Kochiro.. He loves to stay around Kotaro.. Kochiro tinks that Kotaro's a cutie pie!
He loves hugging Kotaro.. and he's oways protecting Kotaro.. Kochiro didn't know that Kotaro's in love with him.. Kochiro hopes tat Kotaro's a girl.. and they could be together!
Kochiro sometimes.. holds on Kotaro's hands.. and said to him.. "I Love You".. and that made Kotaro blushes alot! XD

Almost forgot! for the larger image.. Click Here