Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Custom made nendoroids?

Someone show me this picture of the custom made nendoroid Ai wen i post my nendo art at

i was wondering.. how did they do it? @@
it's so real thou.. they even made the box for her? tat so amazing!

After awhile.. i came across pictures of 2 never seen before nendoroids..

Nanoha and Fate..
i was wondering if they're custom made too? they're looking good!
this custom made stuffs is making me imagining.. if the nendoroids i've create.. being manufactured one day! Haha! im day-dreaming..
^ ^;


blood on the mirror said...

I so wish to know where to get those custom Nendoroids..I'd buy them right away.
*big fan of Enma Ai*

CottonCandy said...

yupz yupz! i love ai too! i tink she's so great sending those dum @55 to hell!

Anonymous said...

Custom made. :(

R0B!N said...

the last picture, those are made by LAUGH COMPANY,
it's an immitation of GOOD SMILE COMPANY.... So, the're real, but fake at the same time, i dunno what to think about it...... aniway, LAUGH is irritating me!

Ava said...

I wish i could get one made for me...
Boohoo I'll never be able to sculpt that good....TT^TT