Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patrick < My blog's mascot >

This is Patrick my mascot.. He hv a name.. just like mine.. he love drawing n painting just like me.. He's also very cute and good-looking just like me too! (joking)

Hm.. i kinda copied his clothing from len.. cause.. i love len! > <
but.. i've changed the color from yellow to pink.. why? i love pink of course.. =X

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shana Or len? Sobs sobs.. T___T

It's nendoroid time again!
I'm having problem deciding which 1 im gonna get... > <
1. Kagamine len

He's so adorable.. > < At 1st.. i wanted to get him.. that was before shana was here.. but.. now.. here comes shana.. i tot she's coming out nxt year.. den i would have problem getting both of them.. but now.. i have to choose.. T____T

2. Shana

She's so cute.. > < With those blazing eyes and hair.. She's a must get item! And she's so popular too.. sobs sobs.. i still can't decide.. T________T

Alice in wonderland!

Weee~ I've finish my assignment.. > < special thanks to my friend.. For the sketching.. =3= Here's how the original picture look like..

This is after I've redrawing and adding colors into it!

at 1st.. v decided to let her wear pink.. but.. pink is kinda.. always pink.. = =
So.. v let her wear a yellow orange dress instead.. ^ ^
Oh! and also her eyes.. her eyes is actually.. red and blue.. i mean.. 1 red.. 1 blue..
but~ later on.. i think they're not so suitable.. so i play around coloring her eyes..
and.. TADA! she ends up having shana's burning eyes.. + w +

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teddy Factory~

This is also 1 of my homework.. creating a background wallpaper using illustrator.. I dunno Why it changes color when i post it here... = =

This is the original color.. Aiks.. wonder why the color changes.. LoL.. X___X

Monday, July 14, 2008


This is one of my homework.. Using only illustrator and create a deco.. @@

Its so difficult to color using illustrator! illustrator doesn't have the coloring brush tool like photoshop.. thou illustrator also have a brush tool.. Its not suitable for coloring! sobs.. T___T

One thing i like about illustrator is the pen tool.. cause.. I dunno how to use photoshop's pen tool.. XD

Friday, July 11, 2008

My new Art !

This is the air con im talking about.. Its just right in front my place.. =3=

And this is the pc im using in class.. Im finishing up my drawing when the teacher's not here yet.. =X
Here's the finishing one.. ^ ^

Monday, July 7, 2008


Vocaloid is actually a computer voice editing program..
1stly.. Choose a song and also input the lyrics into it.. and u can hear the vocaloid's sound singing the song..

She so cute.. > <
They even have a nendoroid version of her.. which makes me drool...

Im gonna get this one!

If u guys wanna noe more about her.. go over to youtube and search for Hatsune Miku.. You'll find lots of videos about her.. She hv this famous song named "Ievan Polkka" Its nice.. thou the MV is abit... LoL

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Moetan illustration book

I bought this big book recently.. but.. its a big without lots of words! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Here's the cover of the book..

Hehe.. The girl on the cover is called ink.. I Love her pastel pink hair.. > <

After Transformation.. Ink's hair changes into pastel blue.. Love it too.. =3=

Thou the book is abit H.. but.. she's a small girl.. nothing to see one.. LoL..

This book also comes with a dvd.. which contain.. the anime.. ^___^
I didn't post every pages of the book here.. If you guys wanna see more.... go get it.. XD

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I was searching for images on google and i bump into nenderoids! they're.. KAWAII~!!!
here~ take a look at a few examples..

Omg omg! It's a otaku must have! Im gonna get one for myself..
Looking at them makes me feel itchy.. >___<
Its about MYR11x ~ 12x for each of them... Sobs.. T____T

My Art class..

I've attend the class the 2nd time.. Here's what i manage to do now...

Nice? Hehe.. I did this using the adobe illustrator and photoshop.. It's alot of fun! >__<
Oh ya.. about the class.. im sitting infront of the air-con.. So cold even though im wearing a jacket.. =___+ I'll take a picture of the class and post it next time..

Im looking forward to learn more new stuffs.. Weee~