Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exclusive Nendoroids

This is nendoroid konata and kagami.. they're characters from the anime Lucky☆Star..
Both nendo are actually exclusive items! They're so adorable i wanna have them.. too bad they're exclusive.. but it's fine.. since i'm not really into this 2 characters.. ^ ^

After awhile.. they decided to released another exclusive nendoroid based on this anime..
and this time.. It's TSUKASA and miyuki.. OMG !

tsukasa's my favorite character in tis anime.. she's so sweet~ >ω<
too bad she's also an exclusive.. T____T

lemme explain how exclusive she is..
1stly.. you have to buy the comptiq magazine.. tat cost about.. 880円..
after tat.. you'll get an exclusive coupon which comes with the magazine..
with the coupon.. you'll have to mail it as an order form.. to purchased the exclusive nendoroid..
each nendoroid cost about.. 3500 yen..

tat's alot of work.. =3=
and not forgetting.. the mailing thingy is only available in japan.. tat means.. if u bought the magazine and mail the coupon outside japan.. you wouldn't get anything..

photo taken from mika-tan's blog

there's only 1 way to get her now.. purchase her from people who's living in japan!
but... the price's gonna be doubled.... well~ i'll juz have to gv her up.. sry tsukasa..
i'll be sure to get you if you're not an exclusive next time.. > <

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