Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nendoroid Reimu

i kinda notice tat Reimu appeared everywhere i go.. i tink she's cute.. especially her bright red and white costumes! i noe Reimu.. but.. where she's from?

so.. i wen over to wiki.. found.. but... didn't get wat they mean.. XD

i saw her in a game.. so i guess she's from a game? oh well..
there's lots of Reimu thou.. long n short hairs.. sumtimes her costumes' different as well..

and it's time to nendorize! i like Reimu's hair short.. ^___^
and also.. giving her a tsundere face.. sweeet~~~ XD

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Reimu ka >W< One of my favourite chara XXXD & yup, I love her Miko costume too~~^^

She'a actually from a game named Touhou Project~~ Did by Team Shanghai Alice (which consist of only one member XXXXD)

Yup, there's quite alot of Reimu in different version XXXD That's because she changes her image slightly through the series of games~~^^

& you portrayed her well >W< Maybe next time you can add her weapon in XXXD Good job ne *thumbs up*!