Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year 2009!

i went to my fren's house for new year count down last night!
we went out at around 10 o'clock.. pick up everyone and we went over to Domino to get some pizzas!
we're too late thou.. they've stop taking orders! sobs
we quickly rush over to KFC.. too late also! aiks.... >___<

so we hv no other choice but to go further to the nearest Mcdonald....
we bought the foods and quickly rush back to my fren's home.. good ting we're still in time for the countdown!

we ate the foods while waiting for the new year to arrive..
finally! it's 12! fireworks everywhere~ LoLz.. nothing special after tat.. =3=

after cleaning up.. went up to my fren's room and took out shana! me n my 2 other frens started playing with her! here's some photos~

Dressing up shana for another photoshot.. =X

the next morning.. we went over to Greenbox at Jusco.. Jusco is sooo dam full! no parking!
we drive around for quite awhile.. until.. v got lucky.. sumone's leaving and we finally found a place to park!

after tat.. we went to Greenbox.. singing and joking around till 6..
den we went to PizzaHut for dinner and went back home afterwards.. ^____^


kusakabemisao said...

lol she's genki even before sleeptime ><

CottonCandy said...

hehehe.. she's so cute..
thx to my fren for bringing the playset.. >__<

Anonymous said...

whear can i get the american style living and bed rooms?