Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping shopping~

Chinese new year is coming and it's time for shopping!
to Times square we go~

it started raining a little wen we're waiting for the bus to arrive..
but v reach our destination safely whithout getting wet..

my fren neko wanted go get sumthing to eat..
so.. we went to the bakery..
there.. i saw the cute looking octopus bread!

off to xl-shop to get my nendoroid Miku~
she's so adorable.. >__<

after getting my hands on miku.. we went window shopping for awhile.. wanted to get the lolita costumes! but.. not suitable to wear them during the CNY.. and so.. finally! i bought 2 clothes from GX2..

walk around for awhile and den back to Leisure mall to meet up wif my fren's bf.. enter sushi king and saw the kawaii looking packet drinks! it's like they're asking u to drink them!

wen back to my fren's house and took pictures of miku miku~~ <3

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