Monday, January 5, 2009

Nendoroid Tsukasa (cosplaying kagamine rin)

Weee~ it's Tsukasa cosplaying as Rin! tsukasa's my fav character in Lucky Star~
after seeing the Kagami cosplaying Miku nendoroid.. i wan a Tsukasa X Rin nendoroid as well!
so.. here it is.. hope u guys love it~ <3


misao said...

balsamic suu ><

KoE said...

I think she is the cutest character in Lucky Star. I'm a fan of your nendoroid art, please let me know next time you're taking character requests. ^^ There's one character I've been wishing GSC would make into a nendoroid ever since they started making them.

CottonCandy said...

u can do the request now thou..
i'll try to nendorize them if i hv the time.. ^___^

KoE said...

Ohh sweet! Then I request Misuzu Kamio! She's going to look soooo cute