Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nendoroid Ice-cream (misshermes)

request from misshermes fans!
this shud be misshermes aka ice-cream cosplaying as the lolita miku during the comis fiesta 08'..
i also added accessories such as her favorite Haagen-Daz ice-cream, Sony DSLR and also her white baret.. ^____^


the cursed marionette. said...


CottonCandy said...

lol.. O__O

kevinlmw said...

btw see this, i anime your character design

btw good design you have here. keep up your good work^^

CottonCandy said...

tat's SOOOO WOWWW!!!
very good one thou.. i luv it.. >__<
im not so good in the animation part.. maybe i'll ask u to help animate some of my own character design next time.. =D

kevinlmw said...

lol it is related my job anyway XD
well, your design is alreadly godlike, left some stuff like animate to animator lol.

btw `if` you are free can i request something? can you make a side view and 3 quarter for me?

if you make it, high chance it will become a full dance animation^^
i need a full turn around before i can make nice dancing.

another project i had in mind is coding to make animated hermes clock which when you press it, chibi will tell you the current time.

CottonCandy said...

maybe i can.. but.. not so soon.. ^___^