Friday, June 19, 2009

Nendoroid ???

Here's my own design character~
tat's panda ear she's having if u're wondering.. LoL~
this is actually for the mascot drawing contest..
but.. i've misunderstand wat we really hv to draw for the contest..
he said "animal character" and i tot it means characters wif animal cosplay thingy..
but wat he mean is.. animal.. juz animal.. LoL~
BTW~ i haven named her yet.. cud u guys gv me sum ideas? ^____^


kodomut said...

"Watashi wa Pan-chan!"

CottonCandy said...

hmmm.. quite a nice name actually.. :p

thecococafe said...

Original nendorid! Maybe she'll be made someday! XD

Mia J. said...

Kawaii! I'd snatch her up in an instant. I'm no good with names (for some reason she looks like a 'K' or 'M' Japanese name)... Pan-chan has a catchy ring to it. :)

Have you thought about making a Nendoroid of yourself? :D :D :D

CottonCandy said...

@thecococafe: me hope so too~
@Mia J.: lol.. hmm..
still no idea how to nendorize myself.. i'll make 1 in the future.. maybe.. u wanna hv me in ur collection? LoL~

Mia J. said...

XD Well we do need more male Nendoroids! And I'd happily adopt you into my collection. ^^ I'd love to see different faces as well, and oh! You could have a little Nendo Tsukasa, like Sumomo and Yui have mini companions! 8D That'd be sooo cute!

CottonCandy said...

LoL~ very nice idea..
hmm.. maybe i try nendorizing myself.. =X

Ziqi said...

This is kawaii ^-^

Are you really going to nendorizing yourself?

CottonCandy said...

er.. ya sure..
but make sure u guys dun laugh at it.. XD