Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Exclusive Nendoroid~

Tada~ received a package juz now~
and i'm so excited to open it!!
Let's see wat's inside...

Weee~ Nendoroids!!

i've been waiting forever~ to get Tsukasa.. > <


She's so cute~ this is the comptiq ver tsukasa~ she comes wif inumimi~ > <

Tsukasa posing wif her favourite Keroro gunsou~


Ziqi said...

They are so adorable!!!
Do you plan to get Nendoroid Konata and Kagami to complete the set?

CottonCandy said...

Aha~ of course~
but oni if i hv the munny~

Shiddo said...

Congrats on your LS haul. I love your accesories ^^

Mia J. said...

Yay congratulations!!! 8D I love the inumimi pose you put her in! ^^

CottonCandy said...

thx thx~ ^ ^

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

heyz, whereabouts in malaysia can i find nendoroids? i can't seem to find them =(

CottonCandy said...

you can get them from xl-shop in midvalley, berjaya times square or puteri park plaze at ampang..
u can also get them from www.thefiguremall.com.. ^ ^

AstrayP03 (Zhe) said...

hey, thanks! ^^