Monday, June 22, 2009

Nendoroid Me?

Aikksss.. it's kinda embarrassing to post this out.. but..
ya.. this is me.. ^ ^;
this is actually a request from Ziqi and Mia J.~
and if u're wondering why me is kinda.. naked?
erm.. it's because.. i dunno wat i shud be wearing..
so i need some help.. let me know.. wat u guys.. think..
i shud be wearing.. ^ ^


Mia J. said...

Kawaii!!! ^___^
There's so many possibilities here! You could make yourself wear clothes you'd normally wear (so it is an accurate representation of yourself), or give yourself an animal personality/features, or have yourself cosplaying as your favorite character, or all of the above because you're the Nendoroid Artist and can do anything and everything you want! :D

kodomut said...

Nekomimi pls XD

CottonCandy said...

@ Mia.J: cosplaying sounds nice..
hmm.. guess i start drawing later.. XD

@kodomut: nekomimi.. i'll look funny in nekomimi.. > <

kusakabemisao said...

can I cast-off this nendo?

CottonCandy said...

er.. it's already..
u still wanna cast-off? lol.. @@

Ziqi said...

Kawaii. ^-^
Have you thought of creating your own set of expressions?

thecococafe said...

Aww, you're adorable!

You can create all sorts of clothes since you have a base to work with. (Though imo, I'd think your nendo look dashing in a fitted suit xD)