Friday, May 1, 2009


Have you ever dream of creating your own nendoroids and having them come to live?
now we have Synthe~

according to my friend's translation.. Synthe is like a online game..
kinda similar to IMVU.. where player can create their own avatars..
sell them.. keep them.. or sen them to someone as a gift~
in this game.. players could earn real money by selling their designs..

my fren also told me tat.. players could turn their avatars into real life nendoroids..
and can be sold worldwide~

OMG!! i'm loving this!! too bad it's in japanese.. i wish they could create an english version..

u can read more bout this from the official website here
the above image is taken from the official nendoroid website here


Ziqi said...

Wow!!! This is great! At least there is a small glimmer of hope of creating my mascot into a Nendoroid ^-^

Too bad it's all in Japanese. I really hope there will be an English version in near future too >_<

thecococafe said...

That's...that's AWESOME! I want my own character to be a nendoroid!