Thursday, April 30, 2009

Otaku Wife or Cooking Wife

One of my female friend asked..
Do you wan a wife who's a otaku? or a wife who know how to cook?
she said tat she'll choose a otaku wife.. and me.. hmm.. i prefer having a husband.. =D

So.. i was wondering which is the best wife?
the otaku wife would love to join wat we love most~
cosplays, animes, manga, games, figurines~

and the cooking wife.. great yummy dishes!
but they'll complain bout your otaku lifestyle thou..

i know there's female otaku who knows how to cook as well..
but.. if u hv to choose one.. who you'll go for? ^____^


Digital Freya said...

Well, I prefer having a geeky girlfriend. If I was into girls, haha, but I like to have a geeky man, too.

England said...

how/where can i get this?