Saturday, May 30, 2009

Male Nendoroids~

Look closely~ im not focusing on Riannon.. ^ ^
It's Arawn from Tears of Tiara~ and he's looking good.. =X

Male nendoroids are very rare thou.. and those male ones tat's been released..
are as popular as the female ones!
example: L, Light Yagami, Kaito, Len Kagamine, Itoshiki and the coming soon Sebastian and Ciel~

Do you own any male nendoroids? and do you love them as much as the female ones?


连小凤 said...

x_x I din catch the Ciel nendo! ;w; i fail

Mia J. said...

Yes I <3 male Nendos! Can't wait for Sebastian and Ciel, plus Arawn is a must get. Riannon is also very very cute. ^^

DeliciouslyAtrocious said...

They haven't released any males I *really* want. I'm thinking about Len since Rin is looking pretty lonely. Also, I'm keeping an eye on Ciel (even if I have no clue what he's from...).

Are there any male characters you'd love to see? It'd be awesome to see Metal Gear Solid Nendos, but I know that will never happen...unless it's the Sweet Snake versions, haha!

CottonCandy said...

snake would be nice~
but i tink he'll look funny.. XD
i'll love to hv the boys from junjou romantica~ ^_____^

Mia J. said...

I'd definitely get the Junjou Romantica Nendos too if they were regular sized. ^^

Lauren said...

Only one I have is Kaito. But, he's so cute~ I love his happy face, and the ice cream is the cutest nendo accessory ever.