Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nendoroid Miku Attack !!!

At 1st.. i've posted the custom made "World is Mine" nendoroid Miku
and now.. there's more~~

1st we have the "Black Rock Shooter"

i dunno where this Miku came from.. but she's gorgeous~

and lastly~ the exclusive RQ version nendoroid Miku!!

u can get this by becoming a sponsor of the racing event thingy..
which cost bout 7000 yen minimum.. too bad this is only available in Japan!! *sobs*


Ziqi said...

Wow. Where did you find that gorgeous Miku. Is she a custom Nendoroid or a Good Smile official one? Really want her >_<

Green Pixie said...

Oh wow, that is a long post of photos you got, cotton! Ah sweet, my fave is BlackRockShooter and being a fan of Nendoroids, i hope she'll be available!

Cute Mikus! The more the merrier! Now she'll never be out of stock online, haha!

CottonCandy said...

@ziqi: i found her on 2chan~ she's a custom 1 thou.. vy nice right? i wish she's an official nendoroid too~

@Green Pixie: yupz yupz~ the more the merrier~ i wish GSC would release more mikus~ and please dun make them exclusive.. ^ ^;;