Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rejected Artwork..

This is actually my assignment i'm gonna pass up..
but.. it end up being rejected! *sobs*
Why? Em... I show if to the teacher..
and the 1st word he said... "Redo" I was like.. "huh?"
then he explain everything to me...

1. How come the picture's so blur?
2. How come it's black n white?
3. Whats the meaning of it?
4. *check the pictures* The color of the picture u choose doesn't match..
5. The angle isn't matching also! So... redo..

Aiks... Dunno what to say... Lemme explain to u guys..

1. I made it blur on purpose! the car is flying/moving duh~?
2. It's because the color of the picture i found doesn't match.. so i change it 2 black n white?
3. It means.. My future car.. Or.. The flying car!
4. thats why i turn it to black n white..
5. If everything matches.. whats the point of having photoshop? =X

Whatever~ I still have to redo it anyway.. Hope my 2nd work's gonna be alright..


神秘爱猪天使 said...

baby, whr u study now?

CottonCandy said...

whr i study? malaysia lo.. =X