Friday, September 5, 2008

Primary School Reunion~

One of my primary school friend is having a party at her house.. she invited me over..
It's a long long time since i saw her..
when i was there.. i met lots of my long lost friends!
happy to see them.. >___<

Thinking back on the old school days we had together..
there's this girl who took the same school bus with me.. she's having medium long hair..
with natural curls.. Now.. she's a clubbing girl !

Then.. there's an indian friend.. he's so tall now.. and he speaks very fluent cantonese.. even better then me!

hmm.. reminds me of those naive things we did together..
pulling the girls rubber band! eraser battling! gossiping! running and chasing around! Wahahaha!

Oh! and also.. we had this camp at school! everyone is having a very great time! sleeping in the library.. bathing in the school's washroom.. and the flowery names.. ^ ^"

I went to the tuition class with 2 other friends.. then our tuition teacher oways tell us about the mak cik's (her neighbour) cooking.. sumtimes.. she'll fried some chicken nuggets or fries for us too.. and! she oways scold us cuz we keep on chatting and not doing our work... ^ ^

Ahhh.. great memories we've made.. i remember leaving them when i was 12? now i'm already 21.. sooo many years we didn't met.. Everyone changed.. I've changed too.. Wish everyone of them good luck.. And i'm looking forward to meet them again someday later.. ^ ^

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