Sunday, April 20, 2008

SHE, The ultimate weapon

This is a very very touching anime.. i 1st saw this anime in a magazine and i think the drawings' nice.. ^ ^ After tat, 1 of my friend told me a little synopsis on the anime.. And i got interested in it..
It's a story about a very shy and clumsy high school girl named Chise and her classmate Shuuji falling in love with each other.. Later on, this 2 lovely couples found out tat Chise is an ultimate weapon use for wars.. Slowly.. Chise starts turning into a cyborg.. And den the story goes on~~~

I found tis AMV (Anime Music Video) on Youtube.. Its so heart-breaking.. T_______T
Everyone should take a look at it.. Im gonna get this anime! Weeee~!!!

Oh.. BTW.. This is my very 1st post.. Hope u guys enjoy..

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