Tuesday, April 22, 2008

☆ Fairy Tales ☆

Do you know what's a fairy? Fairy is a magical creature.. A tiny human shape body.. With wings.. If you still wondering how a fairy look like.. Here's an example.. ^ ^

As we know.. Fairies only appear in fairy tales stories.. Well~ i'm sure everyone would know about the famous Tinkerbell from Peterpan.. Tinkerbell is famous for her fairy dusts which allows you 2 fly around once u sprinkled the dusts on.. Another famous fairy is the Blue Fairy.. She's the fairy who gave life to Pinocchio(a wooden puppet) and then turn him into a real boy in the end of the story..

So... Do you believe in fairies? Do you think they really exist? Or do you think they're creatures who's created by human imagination? Well~ i dunno either.. But take a look at this picture...

This fairy corpse is discovered by a man who's walking his dog.. The fairy corpse is buried inside a dark hole.. According to the man.. There's still 20 bodies underground.. The corpse is being x-rayed.. And it shows that the fairy's skeleton is similar to a child's.. However.. The bones are hollow like the bird's bone.. To keep them light enough to fly around.. I dunno whether it's true or not.. But.. It's up to you.. To believe it.. Or not.. ^_______^

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