Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday Noon With My Nendoroids~

After started working.. i dun hv much time to update this blog and also no time to play wif my nendoroids!
Yesterday, my boss ask me and my colleague to paint the office AGAIN..
its so weird, i dun tink tats suppose to be my job.. but oh well..

So.. it's sunday and finally i hv a little time to do my own tings..
like unboxing my new toys! Hope u guys enjoy the photos below~

Kokonoe meets the totoros and is having a great time~

Luka is singing for Snubull, while..

Tako Luka is having fun with her new fren.

Chiaki is glad to see Yamada again on her way home~

Miku is having trouble getting her leek back


Ziqi said...

Wow. Love your photos especially Tako Luka and Chiaki. Is that your pond where Tako Luka is? Really love the green moss where Chiaki is standing. Might even consider growing a big patch myself and take photos of my Nendoroids there. But I think the first thing is to get it XD

Ya, totally understand how you feel. Working has also taken most of my time and energy too. So little time to do what you like >_<

CottonCandy said...

well.. its not really a pond i guess.. the moss is great thou..
those plants belongs to my dad.. they look great especially with nendoroid~

working is tiring.. tats y im owys looking forward for the weekend~ and when it's weekend, i'll feel happy and relaxed juz like those photos.. ^ ^

animaster said...

I love the #3 photo where Tako Luka is playing with a fish in the pond. ^^

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FLAYE said...

Accidentally came across this. Awesome Nendoroids btw.

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♥Felly♥ said...

I really love the last photo!! Miku look so kawaii!! XD

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