Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mascot Kameko

Hey everyone! long time no post.. lol~
Here's a post for the mascot i've created for!

Her name is Kameko.. according to Kris ('s owner), Kameko means..
Turtle child? LoL~ tat's a cute n interesting name.. XD

So.. from the picture above.. you can see Kameko wearing different different costumes..
She's actually nekkid.. and den.. u can dress her up wif different costumes..
and also change her face expression too~ fun right?

Kameko will be staying wif Kris in so.. hope you guys..
can pay them a visit here

See u all nxt time! Bye~~~


Anonymous said...

Cute! I see her on that page but how do you play with her?

CottonCandy said...

hehee thx!
u nid the psd file to play with her.. oni me n kris is having the file.. ^ ^

Anonymous said...

kawaii~~ xD
make 1 for me? haha =P

-sakura here-

TeddyTales said...

Wow! Sounds fun n_n
Can I have the file to play???

TeddyTales here~

CottonCandy said...

canot actually.. > <
but if u really wan.. maybe u can try asking permission from kris..
but i dun tink he'll allow.. XD

Free Font said...

how are you?
do you like to install new fonts?

TeddyTales said...

owie...but I don't know him hahaha...n_n'''

kris said...

Thx again Patrick, you're super talented and Kameko turned out perfect :)