Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nendoroid Yui Inaba

so u wan more Yui?
here's Yui Inaba from Flyable Heart~
saw her non-painted pvc on display during hobby japan~
and i tink she'll look great too in the nendoroid form! juz like sumomo..
i wan sumomo! ARGH! kinda regret i didn't get her wen i still see play-asia having stock......


kodomut said...

Don't know much about that character but that Tiger striped tail sure looks nice ^^

CottonCandy said...

i dunno much bout her either~
but she's cute~ so i hv to nendorize her! XD

Lenneth said...

I'm not so much of a fan of animal parts unless its the ears. Thankfully though it will be removable if I got it. Oh another cute nendo!! I can't help falling for them. <333