Sunday, July 26, 2009

My to-get nendoroids~

After the WonFes tat's held in japan yesterday..
dam.. i really nid to get a job..

here's wat i plan to get
and the top 1 is.. Chiaki minami!!

she's juz like wat i draw last time.. and she even comes wif fujioka.. > <

next is Ciel~ <3

look at his face!! makes me wanna pinch pinch him.. XD

den i'll love to get the kodomo no jikan girls too~ Mimi Usa and Kuro kagami~

i juz love Mimi's hair.. > <
since im getting kokonoe's frens.. i'll be getting kokonoe as well..

lastly is the basara boys~

oni 2D image.. but i'll love to get both of them.. ^ ^

hope i'll get a job ASAP.. wish me luck.. > <


Shiddo said...

Good Luck ^^
I got a lot of them on list as well ^^ Love and hate WF2009 ^^

CottonCandy said...

thank you~ i'll work hard.. ^ ^

Green Pixie said...

Awww!! they all look adorable and OMG! They are already preparing Ciel-sama? Thank goodness, i thought that Ciel was put off for far too long... where ON EARTH did you get these photo links from?? OwO

Haha Basara boys, hurrah for more MALE nendoroids ;w; I have only girls.

CottonCandy said...

heyah~ hmmm.. i dun really remember where i get these photos..
i can say.. its from everywhere.. XD