Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nendoroid Kanu

there's alot of Kanu PVC out there and im thinking.. why no nendoroid Kanu?
so.. here she is~


Coco the Bean said...

Eee~ Cute! I wonder if they will eventually make a nendo of her.

kiddokid said...

where is the seiryuengetsutou?

kusakabemisao said...

this kanu looks tsundere

CottonCandy said...

@Coco: hm.. i dunno.. they haven make the minami-ke sisters thou.. > <

@Kiddo: Who's tat? i din watch ikkitousen thou.. i oni noe kanu and shimei.. LoL~

@Misao: izzit good or bad? =X

kiddokid said...

kanu's weapon~~

CottonCandy said...

oh.. tat 1 i lazy to draw.. lol~
shud look like the figma 1.. oni shorter i guess?