Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ippen Shinde Miru?

I bump into these videos from youtube.. And.. i went.. OMG?! THERE'S PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HATE ANIMES?!

So.. i was curios and i watched the videos..
Here's some of it.. take a look with me.. (^o^)

the 1st video! he said animes' stupid.. and the whole thing doesn't make sense at all?
he also added tom & jerry is better?

Duh~ dude.. it's anime ok? if everything make sense.. it wouldn't be called anime?
even tom & jerry doesn't make sense right?

and i remember him saying that he tinks some people is so stupid looking at the subtitles..

anime is all about the story line.. of course we have to read the subtitles to know the stories..
unlike tom & jerry that he like alot.. where they don't speak.. and doesn't have any story lines..

well~ i didn't hate tom & jerry.. but.. these people doesn't make any sense themself..
they have mixed up anime with cartoons.. there's some reasons animes is called animes and not cartoons..

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Anonymous said...

I ran across this entry when I was googling [いっぺんしんでみる?] (ippen shinde miru).

The first video is accurate. Akira is not a good "starter anime", and should not be shown to people who don't have a foreknowledge of anime. To be frank, the Akira movie is crap. The original story spans across four thick tankōbon, and was heavily edited for time. Unless you read the manga, you wouldn't understand a large portion of Akira... and he didn't. Having been soured on something he couldn't understand, he was then exposed to Naruto, another epic failure of an anime. So yes. It's fine to hate anime when you're exposed only to such terrible examples of it.

of course we have to read the subtitles to know the stories

You don't have to read subtitles. No one's putting a gun to your head and telling you to read them. you can learn japanese. Not hard to do if you're inclined.

there's some reasons animes is called animes and not cartoons.

Yes. Because [アニメ] (anime) is a loanword from the US. It's short for... animation. Guess what cartoons are? animation. So yes, アニメ is synonymous with "cartoon".