Monday, June 2, 2008

The 3 Wishes

If a fairy came and wanted to grant you 3 wishes.. What would you ask for?
If i have 3 wishes..

1stly.. I'll wish that the world would be peaceful.. So everyone can live happily..
And "peaceful" means that.. There wouldn't war.. and people suffering.. no natural disasters.. no crimes.. even if you leave a thousand dollar on the floor.. Nobody's gonna steal it.. ^ ^

LoL.. There's alot of things that i love doing isn't suitable for a guy.. And there many manly stuffs den i dun like doing.. =3=
AND! i always wonder what it feels like being pregnant.. having a life in your tummy.. > <

3rd.. Hm.. I'll save tis last wish.. if anything goes wrong.. i could still use this last wish.. =D

So.. Did you guys have your 3 wishes.. if you do.. and you dun mind sharing.. leave your 3 wishes in this post's comment....

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